Posted by Behavioural Insights Unit on Tuesday December 10th, 2013

In “Would You Hold the Mayo if the Receipt Suggested It?” Cass Sunstein (co-author of Nudge) writes about an interesting initiative developed by US company SmartReceipt to promote healthy food choices. The ‘Nutricate Receipt’ is a form of calorie labelling which provides people with information on the meal they just bought in the form of a panel of personalised information about the total calories, fats, carbohydrates and protein in the particular food items purchased.

Along with this, the Nutricate receipt includes personalised messages about the choices made, such as “holding the mayo on your sandwich will save you 150 calories and 10 grams of fat”.

A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research in Massachusetts found that these receipts significantly changed people’s choices. This is an interesting piece of research in to the power of personalisation and the use of salient messages. Sunstein argues that people are bombarded with so much information each day, that the Nutricate Receipt is a nudge that makes healthier options more salient than they otherwise might be.

Do you know of any other nudges that promote healthy eating?


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