Posted by Alex Gyani on Wednesday July 16th, 2014


Here are the headline results!

  • Over 400 delegates from all over the world came to Sydney to exchange ideas and practices in behavioural insights
  • We had lots of positive media coverage
  • 85% of delegates found it very or extremely interesting and 98% found it useful
  • We heard lots of ideas on how BI can be embedded in organisations
  • We had over 600 Tweets during the conference! Use the hashtag #BX2014 to find them.


The majority of delegates were enthusiastic in the fact that they could apply BI in their roles and workplaces. The most common activities that people said they would do were to:

  • Disseminate behavioural insights in their workplace.
  • Go through their organisations’ communications and ensure that they are simple and include lessons from behavioural science
  • Run trials.

We were even sent two comprehensive guides on how to apply Behavioural Insights to public policy from NSW government departments. If you have made your own, please email us at:


Some of the comments made about the conference included:

“A gathering of sharp minds with a focus on the what, how and why of behavioural insights. An unbelievable line-up of speakers.”

“Inspiring. Buzz. One of the best conferences I've been to.”

“Awesome - traversed cognitive cacophony to cognitive scarcity - love it.”

“Extraordinary, dense, thought-provoking. Also, I was taking notes right to the very last minute - surely a sign of its value.”


Lessons learned

The three main suggestions made by delegates on how to improve the conference were:

  1. Provide more opportunities for interaction between the speakers and the audience
  2. Ensure there are more practical sessions on lessons learned from implementing behavioural insights, including “war stories” or failed interventions
  3. Ensure there is greater diversity ofspeakers based on their gender, academic background and experience.

These lessons are being incorporated for BX2015 London. Thanks for your feedback!


Watch the vox pops below for more feedback and some footage from the conference:




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