Our people

Carlia Hoy

As Director, Carlia has carriage of the overall strategic direction of BIU. She has previously worked as an economist in PwC Australia and KPMG Ireland, across multiple sectors spanning significant social, health and infrastructure projects.


 Danielle Kent is a Principal Behavioural Advisor in BIU. She has over a decade of experience working in behavioural economics. She has designed wide-scale randomized trials for the World Bank and lectures in the MBA program at Macquarie University. When she isn’t leading her team to improve the design of government services, she enjoys a good laugh and eating wood-fired pizza with a glass of wine.

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Tony joined BIU in January 2018 and oversees projects in the Justice, Education, Transport, FACS, and Industry portfolios. Prior to joining BIU, Tony worked extensively in the NSW Government Sector in a variety of roles encompassing analytics, business intelligence, corruption prevention and policy development. Tony has a PhD in psychology and has applied behavioural insights throughout his career in the NSW Government.


Cindy oversees four staff within BIU and projects spanning Education, Justice (including domestic violence) and Transport portfolios. Prior to joining BIU, Cindy spent eight years in Canberra and Australia’s missions overseas with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; with a focus on emerging economies and innovation. Cindy has a Masters in Economics and an Honours degree in Psychology.

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Anna leads the Health portfolio with a focus on childhood obesity, and has worked across the areas of Energy, Justice, Tax and Child Protection. She has previously worked in environmental conservation policy in the public sector, and in policy and research roles for humanitarian and social housing not-for-profits. Anna has a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.


Eva leads the team’s work in the Justice portfolio and is currently running a number of initiatives aimed at reducing domestic violence reoffending. Prior to joining BIU, Eva led behavioural trials aimed at promoting voluntary compliance with workplace laws. Eva has studied behavioural economics and has a specialisation in digital production and communications.

Jeanette Deetlefs

Jeanette leads projects related to finance, service delivery and service innovation. Prior to joining, Jeanette consulted to industry on consumer research and customer experience. Jeanette recently completed her PhD in behavioural economics focusing on consumer decision making in superannuation.

Kim Louw

Kim leads the team’s work to drive diversity in the public service, and has previously worked in the Education and Environment portfolios. Before joining the team Kim worked in policy and consulting roles in Western Australia. Kim has a PhD and Master’s degree in the area of applied psychology.

Zuleyka Zevallos

Zuleyka leads the Industry portfolio, with a focus on boosting apprenticeship completions, and she has previously worked in the Justice portfolio. Prior to joining DPC, Zuleyka worked as an academic and she also managed research and policy programs on political conflict, gender violence and corporate inclusion for state government and not-for-profit organisations. She has a PhD in sociology.

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As BIU's Senior Data Analyst, Hui leads on quantitative statistical analysis work and advises on trial design. Hui has a background in organisational psychology and environmental research.

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Jenny is a Senior Data Analyst in BIU, leading data analysis and advising on trial design for projects across the portfolios. Before she joined BIU, Jenny was an academic, researching social policy and drug and alcohol policy in multi-disciplinary teams.

Clare Power Headshoot

Clare is currently on secondment at the Department of Industry. 

Clare joined BIU as part of the DPC Graduate Program. She is working across the Justice and Health clusters. Prior to joining BIU, Clare worked in international aid and development and has a background in political economy.

Tim Blomfield

Tim is currently on secondment to BIU from the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA). Tim is leading a Justice project for the team, having previously worked on Energy, Employment and National Security at BETA. Prior to working in applied behavioural science, Tim was an economist at Australian Treasury and associate lecturer at the University of Sydney School of Economics.

Meghan Ganesh

Meghan joined BIU having worked across media and advertising procurement and contract management in the Communications and Engagement branch, Department of Premier and Cabinet. Meghan has experience in advisory across a range of industries including corporate travel, learning & development and experimental design and analysis.

Alex Gyani

Alex joined BIU in May 2014 as a secondment from the UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). He is a Senior Advisor with the UK BIT’s Australian office where he leads the team’s evaluation work. He has worked across numerous policy areas, with an emphasis on health and employment.

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Rory was seconded from the UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to DPC in November 2012 to help set up and run BIU. He is Managing Director of the BIT’s Australian office and now splits his time between that role and his work with BIU. He has worked in a number of areas including health, employment, tax, justice, community services and education.